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Here are some of the commonly asked questions that I have received regarding my weight management & fitness programs. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please reach out to me by clicking the Facebook icon or the email icon at the bottom of any page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Dieting and Macros


Chances are that you are on this page due to one of the following: you are either on a fitness journey, revisiting a journey or you're looking at starting down this road. So let me start by saying that dieting is crucial, and it will play a big part in meeting your end goal. Because a bad diet cannot be 'out-trained" the diet is the cornerstone of your fitness journey. As a bodybuilder and professional dieter, I understand the importance and the woes of dieting thus, you will have an understanding ear as I get you through the process. The best news is that my tricks and hacks become yours when you join our private group.!


During your no cost consultation I will be gathering and evaluating data in order to create the best diet possible. Your diet will be designed to move you forward with fast but safe and healthy results. Clients, see movement during the first 7 days and we continue to build on that momentum using healthy meal options and techniques that I have learned as a competitive bodybuilder. Your diet will be designed to speed up your metabolism and to keep you satisfied vs hungry. During the month your diet will change as needed and at no extra cost to you. Your diet will be on point to maximize your weight loss. 


Included with your meal plan will be instructions on how to grocery shop, how to prepare and how to cook your healthy meals for best results. To keep you on track we have weekly check-ins and a team support group. Throughout your program you will have access to me for any questions and of course to motivate you along the way. The goal is for you to be successful. Together we can get you there! 


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Personal Trainining River Oaks



Training is Available Online:

These are carefully designed workout plans for efficiently navigate the gym "on your own" while maximizing your workouts for the best possible results. This is a great option if you live outside of the Houston area or if you just simply want to work out at your own pace or without a personal trainer.  I will design you a workout plan based on the number of days you are willing to commit to working out per week. Your plan will be customized to your goals and will take into consideration any special needs or limitations that may exist. Workout plans can be designed for a large commercial gym, a small gym with limited equipment such as an apartment building gym, a home workout or an outdoor workout. This is a great economical way train with instruction. 

IN PERSON: Personal Training is available in the Houston area: 

-One on One Training

-Couples Training

 -Train with a Friend

Purchase your Workout Plan or Book your Personal Training Session TODAY!

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