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Did You Fail Your Diet or Did Your Diet Fail You?

Updated: May 13, 2023

There are many misconceptions when it comes to dieting and these misunderstandings make it almost impossible to be successful at losing weight. Dieting is such a mystery to the average person and separating the myths from the facts is not an easy thing to do. Yes! information needs to be sorted through. Many times, dieters have no idea they are operating on myths and misinformation because these bad practices are commonly used. Sadly, this is all very damaging to a dieter's end goal.

Many diets are simply designed poorly due to a lack of knowledge, too few calories or it is a one size fits all meal plan. In the end a dieter is left wondering why a diet did not work for them, however it worked for a friend. Well, diets are not one size fits all, they must be customized. Another common misconception is that you must starve or eat like a rabbit to lose weight. Unbelievably, undereating is not the key to losing weight. Actually, taking in too few calories will slow down your metabolism, making it impossible to lose the weight you desire. Not to mention that taking in too few calories is not sustainable. A diet that is not sustainable will give you a temporary win, or what I call a "false win" because you will only re-gain weight and many times the body will pick up even more weight than you had to begin with! How frustrating is that! And how is that for your temporary win?

The key to losing weight lies in taking in the correct number of calories, balancing macronutrients, speeding up your metabolism and eating healthily to eliminate sugar, high calories, and unhealthy foods. Allowing room for properly paired healthy foods at the correct caloric intake for your body type and activity level is key. Yet, even with these points' other factors such as a dieter's water intake, getting enough rest and avoiding stress are all important as well.

At Macros and Iron, we provide customized diets based on what your body needs, we find the balance so that you are not starving nor stressed, and we live by "you must eat to be lean." As a professional bodybuilder I will tell you that we eat plenty of food and have some of the lowest body fat on the planet. So, let's eat! And let's get busy with those REAL wins on this fitness journey!!

Contact us today for the free weight management consultation that will change your life.

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